Huvudtalare: Katrice Horsley

NU2024 presenterar stolt Katrice Horsley, en av konferensens huvudtalare. Katrice har spelat in en videohälsning till alla konferensdeltagare. I videon ger hon en inblick i vad hennes presentation kommer att handla om. Titta på videon och få en försmak av hennes inspirerande tal!

Katrice Horsley is a respected International Narrative Consultant, Storyteller, and Narrative Strategist with over 40 years of experience. She has been working worldwide, spanning from Singapore to the Netherlands, Norway, Ghana and Peru.

Passionate about the transformative power of storytelling, Katrice advocates for its role in development and change. Her diverse clientele has included business leaders, community activists, and those within the criminal justice system. Katrice has provided training for organizations like UNICEF, DFID, UNHCR, Nordea Bank, and SKR. Her expertise helps others harness the power of narrative to engage, inspire curiosity, and drive change. She is dedicatede to promoting the importance of the role of narrative in shaping our world, our beliefs and our values.

Learn more about Katrice's work at Narrative4Change How to use narrative to effect positive change.